About this blog

Whenever I walk a familiar path or busy myself with some menial task, the words start jumping around in my mind. At times, I am able to bring them into being. More often, they flutter by like butterflies – fleeting thoughts I wish I could communicate but have to accept for what they are: chrysalis revelations dissolving back where they came from before being given a chance.

This blog is an attempt to change the tides; to bring Maya out into the light. Maya is many things of course. Today, it might be better known as an architecture programme or as a cartoon. But if we turn to the Vedic scriptures, it is something quite different.

As I understand it, Maya is everything that separates us. It is the buzzing voice inside our heads, the one that criticises, interprets, dictates and fears. In The Four Agreements, the Toltec Nagual, don Miguel Ruiz, compares it to the Mitote:

Your mind is a dream where a thousand people talk at the same time, and nobody understands each other.

Maya is the illusion around us, the projections we take at face value, sitting idly in our cave, mesmerized by the dancing reflections on the wall, too absorbed by them to step outside. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it better, in his poem Maya (cf. ananda.org):

Illusion works impenetrable,

Weaving webs innumerable,

Her gay pictures never fail,

Crowds each on other, veil on veil,

Charmer who will be believed

By Man who thirsts to be deceived.

To me, Maya is a bit of a monster. Her agility is such that whenever you think you have outrun her, she comes back with a sting. And stings hurt. But stings also heal.
May this blog bring us connections – both inside and outside our being.

Note: I am not a professional and not handing out any sort of medical advice. This blog is about my personal experiences – with diets, therapies, medicine, fitness and life in general.