Detox sucks

Seems like I have been pushing it a little lately. I went on a combination of my usual Ayurvedic supplements, chakra cleansing therapy, the Erhet transition diet I discussed in my last post and a three-week birch sap detox. All this only days after a liver flush and a couple of months in my thyroid treatment. My conclusion? Bad idea. I mean: baaaad idea. For the past weeks I have been feeling generalized muscle weakness, especially in the legs, terrible headaches, nausea, sluggishness, loss of balance and reflexes, dizziness, irritability, agitation, sleeplessness and uncontrollable cravings. Even Yoga has become a struggle!

What a disappointment. I really thought that after so many years on a so-called ‘healthy’ diet I would be able to handle going that extra mile. But I try to listen to my body and it is telling me I have not been eating all that healthy after all. Erhet for one would surely agree. My biggest take-a-way and eye-opener from his ‘Mucusless Diet Healing System’ is that even fish is unhealthy – and let’s not forget eggs – both of which many people presume are okay. Is that why my “pescetarian” (or “fishetarian”), FODMAP and anti-Candidosis diet has not been delivering?

From a purely practical point of view however, it is close to impossible to eat out anywhere without relying on at least one ‘no-no’ mucus or acid forming piece of food. Even if you avoid all meats and dairy, Erhet would remind you that also the traditional vegetarian diet is not the way to go. Whether gluten-free or not, grains, just like legumes and starchy vegetables turn into something gluey that clogs up your system. And guess what, oil and tea should be taken off your list as well. are you kidding?!

That is usually when my mind starts spinning out of control. Truth be told, detox is a scary process that would have anyone wondering whether they are not harming their body instead of helping it. In the early stages, the entire system panics. I would even go as far as to say that you barely recognize yourself. You are in the same state as your body: angry, tired and ever so freaked out. And rationalizing it by accepting that it is just a bunch of toxins piling up in your organs and not being evacuated quickly enough does not usually help. All you can think of is getting out of that terrible state of debilitating drunken-like weakness and skip to the part where you feel the awesome energy and vigor that has been sold to you.

To top it all off, once you have reached that particular stage of the detox – the one where you wake up in utter angst, question your whole existence at every second of the day and experience difficulties falling asleep – chances are you will also have to muster the courage to fend off the judgement of those who have to bear you in that state. Those who are almost more scared than you are at what you are attempting – wondering whether it is really healthy, whether it is not just insanity. After all, meat is everywhere and liver flushes nowhere. So, what the heck are you doing?

That is when you realize the only way out of the discomfort is locked in only two words: faith and compassion. As for how to work with them, I would say: remind yourself whenever you can that whatever you are hanging on to – the food, the frustrations, the material things – they are your past. They are what helped you all those years ago when you first experienced the fear and the pain now coming out. So, allow yourself to take it one step at a time, one day at a time. Here and now, everything outside is still exactly the same – the earthquake is inside.

But I will not downplay the frustration. I too wish I had the lifestyle that permitted me to fully respect a diet like Erhet’s and live through the detox it generates without being pressured by social habits I did not choose. But it does not work like that. If you were living far away in an ashram, meditating your day away, you would probably be dealing with a whole different set of issues. If you are here, it is because your bruises require you to be. But if like me, you are struggling, maybe meditating on this will help: “I know that out there somewhere there is a positive outcome to this situation.”

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