Going mucus-less

I did not manage to get beyond one week of the Master Fasting System (MFS), which is close to nothing, considering the System encourages 40 to 108 days of fasting. But I just could not do it. It is not so much I felt sick or not capable, but rather that life’s imperatives came in the way: a professional lunch, a dinner with friends, Easter brunch… and that is how I ultimately caved.

But I must admit I also started having reservations about the psyllium mixture. You are supposed to mix together psyllium with carbon powder and bentonite clay. It becomes this pasty, rubbery mixture, which after I ingested for a couple of days, I started freaking out would get stuck in my digestive track.

Granted, it sounds like a ridiculous anxiety. But it really is not. I just learned I was suffering from hypothyroidism. You know, that is the one where you have flaky hair and nails, cold extremities, fatigue and weight gain. No surprises there. What I did not know is that it is also the one that slows down your system and prevents intestines from moving properly! And indeed, my intestines are not doing much digesting of anything. So, now you see why I am not so thrilled about putting that weird mixture into my body.

Besides, it would also seem that if you are dehydrated, the chances of my fears coming true are very real indeed. So, watch out. Because with the amounts of tea and juice, and what not, we drink, all too often forgetting about pure water entirely, I would not be surprised we were all good candidates for a psyllium-carbon-bentonite jam. On the other hand, I read on the MFS site that without the psyllium, you risk burning your kidneys, bladder… In other words, you immune system starts digesting your body. So, avoiding the psyllium mixture altogether, if you are going for a long fast, does not seem like an option either.

My reservations about the Master Fast aside, I remain convinced that fasting can be a viable cure for many diseases, as long as it is done for the right reasons. In Belgium for example, new research is being led to determine the positive effects of fasting versus medicating. And there are so many tested-and-approved options out there that I am sure everyone can find one that fits them: one day a week fasting, 16-hour daily intermittent fasting, one week per month fasting, etc. If you can keep it up, I would go for it.

In my case, I cannot make out whether it is intuition or anxiety or my body being tired from all the (health) diets I have tried over the years (and the fasts) or from the liver cleanses or the hypothyroid… But, right now, I prefer to take it way slower than most fasts would like. The new plan is just as long-term – if not life-long – but it is softer and more manageable, because it includes food!! Dr. Arnold Erhert calls it the mucus-free diet. It is basically a Vegan diet that is meant to clean out the organism thoroughly.

Much like fasting (and in fact the diet includes regular short fasts, which I believe I can handle for the moment), the idea is to give the body the opportunity to digest everything it has had laying around for a lifetime. It frees up the immune system, which plays an essential role in digestion, and gives it the time and space to attack the real issues, i.e. the bacteria, parasites, dying cells, etc.

Basically, Dr. Erhert believes that all illnesses or malfunctions are the result of bodily congestion. In Ayurvedic terms, I suppose this would translate into an excess of Kafa. And using this as a starting point makes much more sense to me than the targeted anti-bacteria diets like ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle’ or the partly inconsistent, sometimes contradictory, diets like the anti-candidosis ones or the FODMAPs, or the impossible to manage juice only diets. Indeed, what else are Candidosis, SIBO, constipation, colds, inflammation, growths or any other disease for that matter than a surplus of Kafa?

Still, I would be very curious to see the effects of his approach in a case like mine. After all, my hypothyroidism is of the Hashimoto kind. This means that my immune system is not underperforming but confused, so much so that it started attacking and destroying my own thyroid (and I am thinking other organs as well), preventing it from performing its normal functions and secreting the right hormones.

What will happen to it once I no longer hamper it with the wrong foods (and drink sufficient water – because yes, I am determined to get back on track with that as well)? And also: will I be able to keep it up? As things stand, with my allergies, I am already on a clean diet of no gluten, lactose, legumes, nuts, seeds, sugars (except fruit), coffee, alcool and only the starch from fruits like bananas and vegetables like carrots. What else can I not eat?!

But I figure, with all the restrictions there anyway, adapting to a scientifically-researched diet can only do me good. And should deliver much better results than what I have tried up to now! In fact, I am very excited to finally have found an option that makes so much sense to me! Very hopeful indeed! Fingers crossed.

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