War of the worlds

Before… Why is there always a before? Yet another past to acknowledge, yet more of it to unload. As though going further and deeper were unavoidable… Or is it? Maybe there really is such a thing as rock bottom. Except the way there is so progressive and intricate you do not notice it until you are there. Or maybe what I reached is something else entirely…

It started manifesting itself after I had already dug my way through an entire timeline of stories, the details of which never rose chronologically but did nonetheless settle that way. The oldest of the stories I came to associate with my first chakra, soon discovering I could link each of the stories with a different chakra. The higher the chakra, the closer to home the context of the story. More precisely, the visions start in primitive Africa (root chakra, earth) and Ancient Egypt (navel, water), and then jump to the Celtic Middle-Ages (solar plexus, fire), the 18th/19th (heart, air), the 30’s (throat, ether) and finally, the 60’s (third eye). There is no story associated with the seventh chakra, if not my own, here and now.

And as though that were not enough – not strange enough, not scary enough, not awkward enough – there just came more – images I could not place in history, images about something far more remote – like a legend that took place long before it all began. What I saw were four interconnected worlds – or rather three, and a separate one that would soon be pulled into the struggles of the others. The three original worlds coexisted on the same planet. The first is an aquatic world, its creatures resembling eye-less squids that communicate on a purely extra-sensory level. Next to it, is a world on the ground, populated by winged bipedes who live primitively. Between the two, there is a bubble, lodged in the shallow depths of the waters, where tall, elegant creatures use telepathy to organize their society.

Although these three worlds were juxtaposed, they could not communicate directly. Their scale was too different, going from the microscopic to the gigantic. They operated like a staircase, the first step was the water world, with only some points of connection with the second (the bubble world), which in turn could sometimes connect with the last (the ground world). Connections were physical in that it was possible for each world to integrate the next by having members literally take over or jump into the bodies of the beings there.

The only issue was that the creatures from the water world would forget all memory of themselves when they passed into the bodies of the bubble people. The only thing that remained was a subconscious energetic connection, both among themselves and with the water creatures who stayed behind. But the connection was uncertain and weakened further when they passed from the bubble world into the bodies on the ground, thus losing all links with the water world. To ensure no one lost their way in this fragile system, a being was chosen in the water world to integrate the body of the ruler of the bubble world and become the intermediary between the water world and the ground world, a stabilizing force.

For ages, this chain of integrations was sufficient insurance for peace. But this balance was upset when some of the creatures in the bubble world started using hypnosis to gain power and go against the natural order of things. Such intrusions were forbidden and, once the bubble creatures passed on to the ground, translated themselves into magic spells that kept spell giver and spell victim forever tied in an unnatural, limiting bond. The destructive chaos that resulted brought damage not only to the ground world but also polluted the waters around it. It became obvious to the water creatures that their survival was at stake. But since hypnosis was invisible in the bubble world and became apparent only in the ground world through the use of magic objects, the only way for them to regain control was to act on the ground. Armies of water squids were sent to the bubble world to integrate the grounders and detect all forms of magic.

What then? That is where the earth came into play. The earth became a dumping ground for all the grounders infected by magic. And not just for the victims but for the perpetrators as well. Once there, they were forced into the bodies of animals, so as to ensure they would lose all sense of themselves and become forever trapped in materialism, thus limiting their mental capabilities. Given the likeness, monkeys were chosen as the favoured habitat. Only the emancipation of the mind and soul would help them break free, detach themselves from the spells binding them, step outside of the body once and for all and go back to their original planet. But that would take ages and ages of reincarnations.

That is the gist of it: I saw/understood other things – such as the indestructible bond between spell giver and victim, the presence of non-incarnated warriors on earth, the growing human population, the organization of the water world and how they chose who to send to the next worlds – but I do not have the space to go into it here. And I do not think it would help me find an explanation. Because the truth of the matter is that it sounds like I was tripping. Except I was not on drugs, the visions appeared to me over many years of detoxing and were imprinted mostly with anger, trust, determination and betrayal, instead of wonder or ecstasy. It also sounds like a symbolic interpretation of my own psyche. Imagine that the water squid is like a spirit: first, living freely in unconsciousness, then tamed by the rules of an in-between world representing the subconscious, before expressing its bruises in a conscious world above water. All three share one and the same body, symbolized here by a different planet altogether.

Ultimately, what it sounds like most is my mind’s way of wrapping itself around the notion of aliens. Well, we all heard of crop circles, abductions and exoplanets. So, why would not a part of me be trying to make sense of them? But that would continue making it my invention, nothing more. Yet, I just read an article on Dolores Cannon’s research and, although her findings do not entirely corroborate what I have seen/felt, there are points of convergence which make me think maybe what I tuned into is knowledge that was buried deep down in my cells.

Still, what the visions also sound like is just another story I can hide myself behind. Because I wish I could say that underneath the sci-fi lies nothing but plenitude and peace of mind, i.e. finally answers to age-old questions. But the truth is, I only found heart-ache, disgust and emptiness. So in the end, maybe the visions were just my mind’s way of keeping itself busy and avoiding facing the hardship… Of course, in that case, the question remains: why were they so painful and hard to reach, instead of pleasant and immediate?

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