Guidance comes to those who listen

Beyond intuition lies guidance. Buddhists, Shamans and other spiritual communities would say that if we listen close enough, the energies of the planet will speak to us and guide us. There is a plethora of films on YouTube about spirits, aliens, angels and all sorts of funky creatures. Most will point to different planes of existence – invisible to most but connected to all. Benefiting from their support is just a question of opening our hearts. 

I myself have never had an out-of-body experience or seen anything other than human beings around me. Yet, like many, I feel there is something more. When I ask questions, I get answers. Sometimes, I hear someone talking to me or even feel like they are literally stepping into my body. It has been with me for a long while, guiding me towards recovery, helping me through the hard bits and pushing me to overcome the blockages. But I cannot say its presence reassures me.  

A Shaman once told me I was accompanied by two guides. They are different from the deceased ancestors surrounding us. Could it be them I feel or something else entirely? I sometimes get such a strong impression that it is human. And why not? Who knows what the mind is capable of or how far telepathy can go. I know of Shamans who interact with their “patients” in their dreams. What if they continue in waking life? 

Or maybe it is all driven by the subconscious: the guidance, the intuition, the anticipation, the impressions, the impulses… In other words, everything we typically attribute to right brain activity would in fact be driven, no differently than our left brain, by our psyche. And believing it is something else, higher and stronger, is simple madness – a form of schizophrenia. But in that case, what defines madness? Or rather, who defines it? 

When I look around me, I see more people who are carried by their past and caught up in their ego than ones who are able to step back from their emotional masks and bruises. “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” Or as Judith Butler would put it: identity is a “performative act.” And the performance can go quite far, all the way against one’s own interests. Just look at some of our political leaders. Are not they on what Barbara W. Tuchman would define as a ‘March of Folly’? Is not their acting against the greater good in order to accommodate personal interests more insane than believing there are human beings on this planet willing and able to put their telepathic and clairvoyant abilities to the service of others, like you and me? 

Ayurvedic medicine tells us we are infested by parasites and science tells us these parasites can inject us with morphine when threatened, to keep us still and prevent us from attempting to flush them out. We could conclude that we all go through life drugged and that this is the real evil keeping us numb. But is being humble enough to consider the existence of higher beings who are at once faster and more knowledgeable than us part of this numbness? Or is the thinking that you are heard, supported and loved by them? That the universe and fellow humans can feel your intentions and that is why you should heed your thoughts? That you are helped in this plane and in others and that some day, you will meet those helping you? That the only thing standing between you and the truth is your anger and your fear? 

Like Voltaire described in ‘Micromegas’, it is all a question of perception. It is not because you cannot see it that it is not there. Or have we grown that scared and jaded that the mere fact of thinking this makes me insane? Because in that case, I choose insanity. 

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