Why energy cleanses are not just about therapy

Cleansing one’s energy is a complex process. In my experience, the best way to describe it is by comparing it to the cleaning of a pond. Chances are this pond is filthy. That is because all our experiences and memories are laying dormant at its bottom, rising into clouds of dirt at every gust of wind that comes our way. Think of the gusts as both the irritations of life and the memorable events – anything and everything that moves us.

When you start intentionally rummaging in your pond, you act something like these gusts. You are not cleaning much of anything really, not yet, you are only agitating your subconscious, lifting up the dirt that is polluting it. At that point, either of two things can happen: either the clouds of dirt reach the surface and are evacuated out of your waters, or they settle back down into stagnation. What we want of course, is the previous.

Phase 1 of energy cleansing: getting your ass to energy therapy

The first phase of the cleansing process is probably the most expensive but also the easiest. For someone not used to any sort of therapy, it might also be the most daunting. Still today, many people see therapy – traditional or alternative – as a bad word, or they are scared of what might happen. Well, I cannot say that what happens is not sometimes scary – quite the contrary – but one session will not transform you overnight. So, you can always give it a try and stop whenever you want.

What is interesting about alternative therapies is that they use our body as our intermediary to launching the cleansing process. This works because the memories at the bottom of our subconscious are not stored only in our brain but they are also crystallized in every cell of our body, most probably because the two are so intimately connected: memories are based on scent, flavor, touch… They do not exist in our brain detached from all context. I believe it was Pierre Bourdieu who explained how former heroin addicts can go years without using but, once faced with a trigger situation that propels them back into the context in which they were, they can suddenly fall back into addiction.

This means that any work on the body has a much broader impact than simply on our physical being. Through the body, we loosen the grime polluting our subconscious, and we free our souls. This cannot happen just by reading self-development books. At some point you need to get out of your head and get to energy therapy. There are a number of therapies out there, such as micro-kinesiology, acupuncture, yoga, liver cleanses, dietary detoxes, constellations, music meditation, massages, Rességuier method, NDR, orgasmic meditation, tantra, magnetism treatments… I feel they are all about the same thing really: getting our energy to rise. And it is up to each of us to test what works at a given point in time. I however always try to stick with each as long as possible or as advised by the practitioner. I am not a fan of therapy shopping. I do not feel it benefits me.

Some physical symptoms that show the therapy is working are, in my case, cramps in certain organs that have been treated, nerves twitching, chakras pulsing or rotating, the need to stretch, jump or shake my head. I also sometimes feel like a gong is internally shaking my body or like a cloud of energy has reached my head… As far as I am concerned, these are all signs that some sort of pressure has been lifted from my body, that I have recuperated an estranged part of my energy body or that my energy is moving again. There are also light to very heavy headaches that can stretch over a few days – a clear sign that something needs to be processed by my brain but that I am still in denial. If you have never tried any energy work, you might not feel anything. It may take a while before you become aware of what is happening in your body. I am not sure.

Keep in mind in any case that this is just the beginning of the process. It is not because the dirt is lifted that it is evacuated. This is why you can sometimes feel stuck in a mood or an emotion for days on end. As long as you do not cry, you feel depressed; as long as you do not yell, you feel hyperactive. I guess we can live our entire lives without moving beyond that stage. I knew this lady for example who was suffering from diffuse back pains that were paralyzing one of her sides. She turned to liver cleanses for relief. It worked wonders. The only problem was that she had to start the cleanse again every month – for years – because the pain kept coming back. My conclusion is that you could go on forever detaching dormant subconscious memories stuck in your body and repressing them right back down again.

More about phase 2 in my next post.

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