My Candida recipe of the week

Being addicted to food brings suffering, declining health and total lack of self-esteem.

Deepak Chopra, What Are You Hungry For?

The inspiration for this dish came from the Candida Diet. I adapted it only slightly with the spices I had on hand and by steaming the vegetables instead of roasting them in the pan. For the rest, I stuck to the recipe. And it may not look very sexy but I actually really enjoyed preparing and tasting it. It is very easy: you simply have to cut and cook the vegetables, which are a red bell pepper, a zucchini, half a cauliflower, and string beans. The fun bit is roasting the spices (in my case: fresh ginger, mustard and coriander seeds). I then added coconut oil to the pan and heated some parsley.

The good thing about following a recipe is: 1. that it makes you pay attention to quantities, 2. you do not have to ask yourself many questions and 3. you discover new things.

NB: this is not a FODMAP-friendly recipe since it includes cauliflowers. But, hey, sometimes, you just have to walk on the wild side.

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