The Doctor

The day my new doctor diagnosed me with candidosis, I thought I had finally reached the top of the mountain and the end of my struggles. "Hallelujah! I have found the answer to all my prayers," I could hear myself screaming inside. After all, it had been years that I had been pressing doctor after doctor to make the necessary analyses and that the tests had come back negative. With all the information out there, I had grown more and more frustrated but also more and more convinced it was candidosis I was dealing with. So, when this one doctor finally confirmed I was right and by the same token confirmed I was not imagining it all (or suffering from spastic colon or just plain old stress as I had heard so many times) I just could have kissed him.

Not only do I have candidosis, but I have a really bad case of it, and we figured its presence must go back to my teenage years. So, why did it go unnoticed for so long? I will not be the first to say this: it is not only a question of some doctors' skepticism – or disinterest – it is also a question of the wrong tests. Stool samples and blood tests, apparently, are not reliable enough. The only way to find out whether you have candidosis is the urine test. And in my case, it was a nutritionist who prescribed it (not a generalist, not a specialist, not even a gastroenterologist). So maybe, if all else fails, that is where one needs to look.

The treatment he prescribed consists in the anti fungal Nystatine, followed by a treatment of Berberine. As soon as I heard, I called my Ayurvedic Doctor to find out how bad or how okay the treatment was in terms of sticking to the holistic Ayurvedic principles I had been cherishing and applying as best I could. She reassured me that the treatment was not too intrusive and that I could go ahead with it. With her blessing and my nutritionist's assurances that patients could fully recover, I felt confident I was on the right track.

As it turns out, a few months into the treatment, the diagnosis actually has not lightened things up all that much. In fact, it might even have made them a bit more complicated. The die-off symptoms are really hard to deal with. The binges are terrible and I have gained a massive amount of weight. The worst part is that this is happening even while I am avoiding so many foods! And in my case, it is even more than the ordinary candida diet lists, the fungus having damaged my colon to the point that I have developed a series of allergies and on top of that, must combine the candidosis diet with the FODMAP diet. This is a real headache (especially when eating out or at friends'). The result is that I have been compensating and overindulging in the foods I should be eating only in small amounts: buckwheat, nuts, raw carrots, sesame butter.

What is really looking up though is that I am on a second round of Nystatine and for a couple of days now, the die-off symptoms have been reduced. Next to this, my nutritionist told me a drug would soon be on the market that can recreate the colon lining damaged by the fungus. So, I am quite hopeful that some day I will be able to go back to a more varied diet.

Fingers crossed!

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